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We Will Not Forget!!
September 11, 2001 - We Will Not Forget!!

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Petra Albums

  • Pictures and Reviews from the October 2, 1999 Petra concert in St. Paul, MN - October, 1999 Petra Concert
  • A group that really rocks for our Lord! Keep it up, boys!! - Big Tent Revival
  • Northwestern College - Home of KTIS Radio (My favorite station). Just follow the links.
  • Bethel College and Seminary- Next door neighbor to Northwestern College
  • CCM Online - CCM Online
  • Another Cool Christian Site - LightSource Online
  • Another Cool Christian place to roam - The Christian Coffee House
  • A Christian Good E-Zine - Heartlight(sm) Magazine
  • A very funny Christian comedian and excellent singer with The Gaither Vocal Band - Mark Lowry's Home Page
  • This station really rocks for the Lord!! - WNCB Christian Hit Radio
  • Minnesota's Christian Family Website -
  • This site has some cool Christian music/videos - Cool Bean's Christian Music
  • A neat poem - Did Jesus Use a Modem at the Sermon on the Mount? (Thanks to Behold and Ellis Bush Jr. )
  • The Ultimate VeggieTales Web Site - VeggieTales Rule!!!!
  • Great Bible Study Software - 1-2-3 Bible Study Guide
  • A Great man of God - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
  • A Christian Film Company - World Wide Pictures
  • Check this inspirational story out!! - Clean Blood
  • A cool site. Sign up for the pledge (See banner at bottom of page) - United Christians Everywhere

    Maranatha Christian Journal

    Wheeler Galleries Wheeler Logo

  • A Daily Devotional - Our Daily Bread
  • The Online Bible - Online Bible
  • A Great Christian software site - Rock Solid Software
  • Play a Christian version of 'Name That Tune'. (Sound card needed) - Name that Song/Artist
  • 400+ Christian Businesses - Christian Businesses
  • Christian Music CD's, Cassettes, Videos And Christian Music TV... Online! - FishTV
  • The Christian Webmaster's Association - CWEB
  • Christian Exchange Network - Christian Exchange Network
  • Christian Music Oasis - Christian Music Oasis
  • Songs From The Heart - Songs From The Heart
  • Christian MIDI File Locator (Cool MIDI search engine!) - Christian MIDI File Locator

    Association of Christian Web Authors
    And, hey! In case I haven't made it clear enough yet,
    The Chistian Central Locator
    Linking Logo

    Visit Kings Corner

    Do you love Jesus?

    The Ultimate Contemporary Christian Music Comparison Site on the Internet!


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    Click here or on the banner above to go to a cool online Christian Adventure game - The Sojourner.

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    CCMusic Home Page

    Pick a translation, pick a language, search for various criteria. Find what you need in the Bible.

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    Sites pertaining to Christian Internet Radio (You will need Real Audio, found on this website) :

    I discovered a new area on the internet called Internet Radio. Basically, it is live radio over the internet. Most sites require a 28.8 bps connection or higher and Real Audio (Found on this site). Thanks to Behold, I have now have a 56k modem and can achieve that fast of a connection. Right now, I am just posting just the homepages, as there are more to these stations then just the music. I may or may not directly link you to the Real Audio connection in the future. I am leaning on leaving as is (Just linking you the the homepages) but do intend to add alot more links to this section. Please e-mail me with any suggestions, comments or concerns on anything on this page. I hope you enjoy this technology and sites as much as I am right now. Thank you God for this gift you have given me and for the friends I have met along the way!!

  • A very powerful Christian Rock Station - KWCM PowerSource Christian Rock Radio
  • Good Contemparary Christian Music - WHJT Radio
  • This station has soothing Christian music like KTIS mentioned above - KHCB AM/FM
  • WONU - Today's Christian Radio - WONU Radio
  • WLAB - The Source - WLAB Radio
  • 24 Hour hit radio, interviews, artist spotlights, etc. - Community Christian Network Radio
  • The Best of Christian Web Radio Network - Best of the Christian Web
  • Light 99 Internet Radio - KLTI-FM - Wichita, KS
  • Free Radio - Free Radio

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