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We Will Not Forget!!
September 11, 2001 - We Will Not Forget!!


  • Christian Music Newsgroup -
  • Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Newsgroup -
  • Another Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Newsgroup -
  • And still another Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Newsgroup -
  • I have just started getting into John Grisham. And here is a newsgroup about his books - news:alt.books.john-grisham

    Chatting/IRC Websites (Check for me under the handle, 'String'):

  • You can reach me through Internet Phone here - Find me under the handle String.
  • If you would like to download a demo of Internet Phone, follow this link: - Internet Phone by VocalTech.
  • Welcome to Talk City: -
  • I can also be found at ICQ but you'll have to download the beta software first. - I can be found under the hande String here also.

    Download Christian Command v3.00!

    Seek my children, and you shall find.

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    My Cyberbuddies

  • Behold was one of my first, if not the first, internet friend I made - Behold
  • Check out Behold's cool new message board...lot's of interesting items posted - The BeholdNet Message Board - Wanted Items
  • Bob and Janice's Homepage -
  • I met Mabalot in Pirch and chat with him there and ICQ - Mabalot's HomePage
  • I chat with Loves in Pirch, PowWow, and ICQ - Loves (Bev's) Homepage

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