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We Will Not Forget!!
September 11, 2001 - We Will Not Forget!!

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This is what it is all about!!
This is what it is all about!!! This is why I sing His praises, why I am happy, why I live, etc. If you have questions regarding God's gift to man, please e-mail me and I will be happy to discuss this with you. Also, I can be reached in ICQ at UIN #165200. God bless!!

Midi Files Made Of Petra Songs

I have some Petra midi's so feel free to download anyone of these. None of them I created, just 'borrowed' from other pages or have been sent to me in some shape or form. They may not be of the exact style of Petra but they are songs that Petra has played on one or more of their albums. Remember to hit the stop button on Crescendo or you will get a conflict in your midi device. Click on the highlighted links or right click on the Crescendo gif and do a Save As to download the current midi playing. (If you do the latter, you will not have to worry about stopping the Crescendo player.)

  1. God Gave Rock and Roll to you (Come And Join Us/Beat The System)
  2. Why Should The Father Bother? (Washes Whiter Than) **
  3. The Color Song (Never Say Die)
  4. Road To Zion (More Power To Ya) **
  5. Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows (More Power To Ya) **
  6. More Power To Ya (More Power To Ya) New Content
  7. Doxology (Not Of This World)
  8. Not Of This World (Not Of This World)
  9. Beat The System (Beat The System)
  10. Hollow Eyes (Beat The System)
  11. Thankful Heart (Back To The Street)
  12. Love (Beyond Belief)
  13. I Am On The Rock! (Beyond Belief)
  14. Beyond Belief (Beyond Belief)
  15. Prayer (Beyond Belief)
  16. Creed (Beyond Belief)
  17. I Will Celebrate (Petra Praise I - The Rock Cries Out)
  18. I Will Celebrate (Petra Praise I - The Rock Cries Out) - Just another flavor of the song
  19. Take Me In (Petra Praise I - The Rock Cries Out)
  20. Take Me In (Petra Praise I - The Rock Cries Out) - This is a pretty coool rendition of the song. Adopted from the Praise and Worship site linked above.
  21. The Battle Belongs To The Lord (Petra Praise I - The Rock Cries Out)
  22. I Will Call Upon The Lord (Petra Praise I - The Rock Cries Out)
  23. Midnight Oil (Wake Up Call)
  24. Think Twice (No Doubt)
  25. Song Of Moses (Petra Praise II - We Need Jesus)
  26. Ancient Of Days (Petra Praise II - We Need Jesus)
  27. Ancient Of Days (Petra Praise II - We Need Jesus) - Another rendition.
  28. I Love You, Lord (Petra Praise II - We Need Jesus)
  29. Lord, I Lift Your Name On High (Petra Praise II - We Need Jesus)
  30. Lord, I Lift Your Name On High (Petra Praise II - We Need Jesus) - This is a more closer rendition off the Praise II album
  31. To Him Who Sits On The Throne (Petra Praise II - We Need Jesus)
  32. Lovely Lord (Petra Praise II - We Need Jesus)
  33. Only By Grace (Petra Praise II - We Need Jesus)

**Thanks to Russell Breeding for his contribution to my Petra collection.

Check out these and the rest of my midi collection at

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Now On To The Rules

There aren't too many of these rules but the few I have, I am adimate in enforcing them. I think most of you will agree on these. Anyway, here they are.

  1. Absolutely, positively no pornography, swearing, or any other un-Christ-like activity.
  2. Your site must be Christ based and glorify God
  3. Your site content must contain at least 40% Petra related materials. This include links, sounds, communities or discussion groups, news and information, etc. relating to Petra.
  4. Your site content must contain the HTML code provided to you when you submit your site to the queue. This coding will be provided in an e-mail to you shortly after your submission. Just copy and paste this into your web page's HTML code.
  5. You will have 21 days to insert this code and upload it to your server or I will have to delete it from the queue. I will be checking the queue on a daily basis. If you cannot make that time period, please contact me and we can discuss this further.
  6. Remember the One in which we are glorifying when visiting and partipating in this webring. Without Christ, there would be no Petra. I say this with all due respect to Petra.
  7. If you participate in banner exchanges, please keep an eye on these. Sometimes, these 'sneak' a questionable banner in with the rest. If you see one, report it. I realize you cannot control everything the flies through those exchanges, it has happened to me a couple times. Report it to your banner exchange program, if you see it.
  8. And last...If you are with Geocities, Tripod, or any other web service that provides free web services, a lot of these places 'sneak' code into the HTML of their pages that causes pop up screens. This is annoying to me, personally. I have been to sites where 10 different pop up screen will appear. I strongly advise you to take this code out, if possible. I don't know if this is manditory or may be. That is why this last request is not going to be manditory, just a suggestion. The pop up screens will make me, personally, want to get out of these sites faster. Maybe I am the only one that feels that way but it is just an irritation to me.

If you have any questions or concerns, just e-mail me at

Well, on to the submission part. I look forward to adding you in the ring. God bless!!

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